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Position Details: Sr. Talent Sourcer - CSWJP0000124SE

Location: Portland, OR
Openings: 1
Job Number:



Job Posting Title:   Sourcer (Talent Acquisition)

Description:   Kick off each req with Sourcer; this “kick off” could be:

  • Sourcer attending hiring manager kick off with Recruiter


  • Recruiter completes Sourcer intake form + holds separate kick off with Sourcer
  • Candidate calibration
  • When Sourcers provide candidate profiles to Recruiter, Recruiters need to provide feedback within 48 hours
  • Recruiters should hold weekly check-in with Sourcer counterparts to ensure Sourcers have prioritization correct and that they have all the information they need to ensure progress is being made on the req(s)

Sourcer Expectations

  • [After initial kick off] Research position responsibilities, skillset, industry terms, competitors, etc. Essentially, become a subject matter expert on the position.
  • Uncover talent for hard-to-fill positions
  • Diversity should be woven into all searches
  • Start sourcing in Smashfly (focus on those who have previously indicated interest with CSC) before moving to external platforms like LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Provide viable candidate profiles which means:
  • Local “open to opportunities” candidate profiles that check all boxes as discussed at kick off and Recruiter to engage


  • Candidates who have already gone through an initial phone screen with Sourcers and are ready for the next step
  • Track candidate profiles in shared Google doc so Recruiter can easily see what candidates have been sourced, outreached, phone screened, etc. This document can be used to guide Sourcer/Recruiter weekly touchbases.
  • Build candidate pipelines for future reqs
  • Maintain a req load of 14-16 reqs
  • Req load varies based on complexity and seniority of reqs

Tools & Systems

  • LinkedIn
  • Workday
  • Smash Fly

Candidate Profile

  • Must Have skill set/character trait: Relentless Curiosity, Desire to Win, Unwavering Persistence
  • They should have sourcing and searching skills and tricks that our recruiters don’t have.
  • We use LinkedIn and Smash Fly but they need to be able to SEARCH; be creative and source.
  • We would LOVE someone who is tech savvy with other sourcing tools
  • We need someone who holds the sourcing skill set and wont require a lot of training
  • We would love someone who is part of a “Sourcer community”
  • We support eCommerce, Marketing, Sales, Product and Merchandising.


  • MUST HAVE previously been in a Primary Sourcer role -- not just a Recruiting role.
  • Be able to demonstrate their sourcing and searching techniques and speak to a variety of tools
  • Comfortable with high volume and corporate skill sets

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