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Position Details: Senior Transition Manager -1266353S

Location: Beaverton, OR
Openings: 1
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Job Description – Senior TM for campus tech

Transition Management: Drive TM principles and methodology across medium to large regional or global initiatives Training and Awareness Building: Lead and develop training materials to support Change and Transition and act as content provider for training materials related to transition management Communication: Develop the TM communication strategy and communication plan for specific initiatives to generate momentum, raise awareness and influence behaviors across the organization Align on best practices with other Transition Managers and stay abreast of external best practices through active participation in Global TM network, forums, etc Act as an internal consultant on transition management strategy/deliverables for regional or global strategic change initiatives

8 or more years in Transition Management Typical Office: This is a typical office job, with no special physical requirements or unusual work environment.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Assist with Client, Inc. return to campus planning to include technology components including conference rooms and e-learning
  • Develop employee engagement and training plan regarding meetings using new technology and new settings in the conference rooms
  • Engage technology stakeholders to understand the change and options for employees using conference rooms
  • Assist with creating e-learnings for various initiatives using Articulate
  • Create and implement change plans for various initiatives across technology

Projects: Tech Return to Turf & WD+C building activations:

  • Tech checklist & Building launch consulting work
  • Zoom documentation alignment/e-learning prep work (to make for a smooth handoff to Amanda if/when she’s ready)
    • Updating the remaining docs to reflect the Join from Room process
    • Scrubbing e-learnings for needed updates
    • Sketching out new structure based on existing documentation
    • Identify potential new documentation
  • TM Process and Procedure Documentation
    • JIRA?


  • Very competent - organizational skills
  • Very competent - Powerpoint
  • Very competent - Box
  • Very competent – Slack
  • Competent - Articulate Rise


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