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Position Details: Designer - 1174821N

Location: Beaverton, OR
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MarTech NCP Back fill business case

Our projects takes from 2 - 6+ weeks. There are currently 34 projects to be addressed in our backlog. The design for most of the projects are needed in Q2. Roughly 9-10 items are needed for NCP the rest is for CMS and others. For details please see Monday board. 

Riley is the only designer who specializes in Communications pillar UX/UI needs which includes NCP, Rules UI and Member Journeys. 

A designer can only focus one project at a time. 

Let’s say that moving forward we only address Communications (NCP and Rules UI) needs and each request takes about 2 weeks (this is unrealistically optimistic). So with one designer in order to address  all NCP projects we’ll need 20 weeks from now which will be at the end of Q4. 

Therefore, we need additional design support for NCP  in order to have less delays in delivery moving forward.  

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